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Benefits and Features of Cairns VoIP

We know all businesses aren’t alike so we create a custom design for your business.

We analyse where your calls are mostly made to and find a plan to cater best to your calling needs. For example, if you call PNG, often we can find a provider who will offer you the lowest cost plan to meet your needs.
We don’t only offer VoIP services. We can provide your company with a high quality phone system offering ease of use and capabilities for future use of VoIP.
Our top of the line Yealink phone systems offer ease of use. Providing you an easy change from your old system to your new, advanced system.
Yealink phones also boast LED screens that are able to be branded with your logo making your company look cutting edge to customers.
Our hardware can easily integrate with a Mac. You only need to open your address book and click on a contact’s number and it calls for you. You don’t even have to dial.
Do you have a message for customers while they are waiting on hold? Do you pay a monthly fee for this? The Yealink system allows you to record your own customised “on hold” message allowing you to eliminate costly plans, saving you even more money.
Ever have to leave the office and wonder if you missed an important phone call? With our systems you can receive all of your voice messages via email.
Our systems are completely scalable. No matter how big or small you business is, we have a system for you. Even if you aren’t looking to switch to VoIP yet, we are able to fit your office with a system and you can switch it to VoIP whenever it suits as they work on landline as well.

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